Your Child's best friend

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Take advantage of our all day program

  • More time for learning

  • Perfect for working parents

  • Prepares students for kindergarten

  • Meal and snacks provided

  • More time to spend with their friends

The benefits of full day preschool

Our staff is fully prepared to handle your child's needs

Get your child ready for school with our full day preschool. A full day Preschool is perfect for working parents. Your child will love learning and make new friends.

Accelerate your child's learning abilities

Enroll your child in one of our preschool programs. Call us now.

Our full day Preschool program provides for the individual learning needs of your child. If you have a child age 2 to 5, you can enroll your child in our program.


With our all day preschool program, we provide more time for your child to learn and absorb knowledge. Each age group has their own classroom and unique curriculum. Our program also allocates time for snacks, meals, rest and play periods. Our full day preschool is available all year round. We will have evaluations and will inform you of your child's development as they progress through the year.

At Pixie Playhouse we are committed to the health and well-being of your child. Each of our staff has years of experience in the field of child care and our facility is licensed by the State of Indiana. We always have staff members watching your children at all times.