Your Child's best friend

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Our staff also has a great deal of experience, and many of our associates have been with us for a number of years. We are dedicated to the safety of your child. Each of our classrooms will always have at least two staff members looking over your children at all times.

Our staff is fully trained and licensed

At Pixie Playhouse your child's safety is our top concern. Our staff is fully trained and our facility is licensed by the State of Indiana. It is our goal to provide your child not only an environment in which they can play, but one that they can learn as well.


All of our associates provide a rich learning environment and will help each child prepare for the skills they will need when they go to school. We offer a structured environment, but one where they can make friends and develop their creative skills. Enroll with us today.

•  CPR

•  Child development education

•  Continuing education


Give your child a head start before they start school. Call us today!

Our friendly, courteous staff is fully invested in providing a nurturing, structured environment for your

child to grow and learn.

All of our staff is certified in

Experience matters

At Pixie Playhouse your child is our top priority. We are not only invested in their safety but also their development.

Our staff will help your child to learn and grow